About PDM

PDM provides expert, team-based case management and a commitment to customer service.

Expertise empowers PDM case managers to present you with all your options and promote a high level of cost-effective care.

  • Every PDM case manager is an experienced RN.

  • Every case manager is either CCM certified or is in the process of obtaining certification.

  • PDM case managers also hold certifications and advanced training in occupational health, orthopedics, legal nurse consulting and life care planning.

  • PDM case managers have expert knowledge of community hospitals, physicians, therapists and vendors.

PDM’s case management team identifies appropriate strategies and pursues those strategies aggressively.

Supervisors ensure that your claims receive appropriate and timely attention by targeting twenty cases per case manager.

  • Supervisors consistently execute a concurrent review procedure of all files to ensure optimal outcomes and case management best practices.

  • The PDM team reduces costs by integrating return to work into the treatment plan.

  • Based on disability standards, the PDM team establishes recovery parameters and pursues them to completion.

Professional reports present you with timely information that is complete and easy to access.

  • PDM delivers reports and invoices via e-mail, fax, and mail.

  • After a physician visit, case managers immediately provide you with an update.

  • Instead of waiting for an arbitrary date, PDM delivers reports within two business days after a change in medical or vocational status.

  • Case managers complete Initial Assessments within 10 business days.

  • Each report communicates the long term plan for resolving issues and obtaining closure.

  • Reports are consistently formatted and easy to read. You can always gather essential information by glancing at the first page.

  • PDM MedLinks provides you with secure Internet access to all your medical records, reports, and letters.


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